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Mix It Up at Lunch Day and All Year Long

"Teaching Tolerance's Mix It Up program is a national campaign that helps K-12 teachers develop inclusive school communities.

Students thrive—socially and academically—in schools that are inclusive. Yet, for far too many students, schools are hotbeds of exclusion. Social scientists have long maintained that contact between diverse groups helps alleviate tensions and reduce prejudice. Mix It Up seeks to break down the barriers between students and improve intergroup relations so there are fewer misunderstandings that can lead to conflicts, bullying and harassment. "

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Six Steps to Speak Up

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Digital Citizenship

Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship
Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.

1. Digital Access
2. Digital Commerce
3. Digital Communication
4. Digital Literacy
5. Digital Etiquette
6. Digital Law
7. Digital Rights & Responsibilities
8. Digital Health & Wellness:
9. Digital Security (self-protection)

Stop Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying: Identification and Prevention Response Fact Sheet


BullyingInfo.org Bullying Prevention and Intervention==

From the U. S. Department of Education

Hands On Network

Make a Difference Day: Do You Believe in Change?


Youth and the United Nations
Year of Youth

Free Child Project

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